Sunday, February 22, 2015

Australia 1.0

Hey all! Here I am in Australia!...well, I've been here for almost five weeks (this Thursday will mark the five week point). I absolutely love it here, not just because where I come from it's below zero and snowing and blowing and here in Aussie land it's 90's and sunny and warm. Oh man, the whether is amazing! But YWAM is even better! The base is up on top of a mountain and, shoot, its so pretty!!
(There are so many butterflies here!!)
So anyhow, there's 32 of us students and about 20 or so staff; as I can tell, so far, no one seems to rub anyone the wrong way in the group (extremly badly), we all seem to blend pretty good together.
    First week our lectures were on  Character and Nature of God; second week, Biblical Worldview; third week, Fear of the Lord; fourth week, Holy Spirit; and then this week we're doing Evangelism. Woot woot! =D  It's been so good, I seriously feel like I've learned so much!
     Every morning between breakfast at 6:30 and morning worship at 8, we have about an hour – after you've eaten breakfast – to have quite time and Bible study, it's super nice to have that set apart time.
I haven't had much chance to take many pictures, but I hope to remedy that soon. We'll see how that goes. X) Eventually we'll get to go some places around Australia as well, like this Saturday we're going to the Gold Coast! So stoked! =D 
    FYI: everything grows so much bigger here! The bananas are hugemungus! The spiders and frogs/toads are also titanic; I've been told snakes are also large, haven't seen one yet to confirm though. I've seen a bunch of little lizard, butterflies up the wazoo, spiders, frogs, beetles and moths, a huge snail, parrots, and other wild birds. They say there's a Kamodo Dragon here about our camp site somewhere, they've seen him, though not in a while. I've seen his son or daughter, so cool to see that big of a lizard!!! 
    So this is my life at the moment, for the next two months before I go on Thailand! So so so excited for that! =D God has been remaking and renewing me, it's been so great - though not always pleasant for me, still so good! God is soooo good, guys! I've seen Him working here in tangible ways as well as inside me. He's healed people from sprained feet to incurable sicknesses, cast out demons, killed depression with His laughter and joy, and so much more! It's been an adventure so far, and I'm sure the rest will be just as much so. More God? Yes, please. ^_^ He's so good! And He's the real prize, guys; seek the Miracle Maker, not the miracle.

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