Saturday, April 11, 2015

Australia 2.0 (Easterfest!)

      Hey from the Land Down Under! It goes well down here, though so busy these past few weeks! Why is it so busy, you ask? Easterfest! A huge Christian music festival that goes on right here in Toowoomba every Easter weekend starting on Friday. So for the a week and a half before the festival, we've been going as teams to Bump-In – or to the festival to set up, pound things, create walls, set up lots and lots of fence, and wear high-vis vests (that are like mini dresses on me).
    We pack our lunches at breakfast, have about an hour for morning devos and prep for leaving then we all meet at the lecture hall and have our morning meeting where we get the lo-down for the day and hear who's going and who's staying (every day one outreach team stays behind to get a little rest, help at local churches or ministries and/or work around base cleaning up and also preparing supper for the rest of the gang for when they get back from Easterfest). Then we shuttle off to EF in about three van loads, tromp our way over to the place to pick up our “vests”, drop our stuff in the crew tent, and set to work in one of a thousand ways, such as: put plastic bags in trash bins and tape the bags down....for about 200 bins; help set up feet and then stick fence in them as well as ratchet the tops together for all the park's fence line; unwind over fifty cables and lay them all out on the grass to see their length, then labeled their length after someone rolled them back up; clean countless cables; lay flooring in tents, build walls in other tents, rip cardboard out of wooden pallets, clean mold off things, help serve at a cinema launch promo thingy, hang up posters, stuff lanyards with stage passes, help decorate vendors tents and move fake plants and pallet tables and chairs. There's so many more jobs and stuff we all did but there's a few of them.
(Main stage going up! =D)
       We had an hour break for lunch around 12ish and then back to work until around 4:50 so we had time to hike back up to the pick up point by 5pm.
    Easterfest finally arrived  and we get to see all our hard work paying off! Yay! Thursday was the half day where some shows in town began to go on but other than that not much. After a half last day on site we went and spent the day in town then went to see Black Iris which was the first act of EF and happened to be two of the staff ladies from our base; they're so good! =D Then we cafe hopped down the street to see and other band, A Friend of Mine, play which also happens to be two of the staff guys from our base; they're super good, too!
     So Friday through Saturday we got to EF around 2pm after morning lectures and resting time. We got to hang out at the festival all day until around 10:15 when we had to hike back to the pick-up point again so we could be home by 10:30 ish. And Sunday we went in early for the Easter Sunday service at main stage.
   Got to see Tasman Jude, Red, Switchfoot, Faiti, and some others on Main stage. Got to see a lot of other people as well on the other stages around the festival! It was suepr cool and God was so at work during the whole festival!
(EF at night)
(Red on main stage)
So that's been my life recently. Back into lectures and man, have I missed them! We've got a week and about three days before we leave on outreach! Thailand here I come! =D

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