Of Books and Writing

        I’ve been writing since I was old enough to understand words, hold a pencil, and make up a goofy plot line that probably made no sense whatsoever. I’ve started too many projects to count on both hands and I’ve got many more ever trying to come out; this is my main blog where I post most everything and anything, though I do have another with things I make on it. I also have a Facebook page where I try to post updates on a regular basis. Now, onto the books.

        Quest for the Swords of Healing is my first published novel consisting of 448 pages, 16 chapters, and all of the time that got poured into it. To lay a basic overview of this novel, Quest is a Christian fantasy that desires to show through an epic adventure of eight teenagers that one cannot rely on this world and the things in it, all shall fall short. God alone has the power to save and deliver. Sent on a quest to find the mythical Swords of Healing the youths discover things about themselves that otherwise may have never been uncovered; times are changing. Adventures are not always what you make them out to be, sometimes they are so much more…

         Last NaNoWriMo(2012) I wrote a novel called Ransomed that, at the moment, is around 65K long. I have yet to finish editing it and hope to get it finished by next fall at the latest. Ransomed is another Christian fantasy that tells the tale of an orphaned girl named Arlania who lives in the watery village of Tor. As the account unfolds she finds herself on a journey to meet her long lost father and to find a home she may call her own. This narrative desires to relate the desire to be accepted and have a family where one can be loved, but it also attempts to reveal the fact that Gods family and in His presence is the only place we can find true fulfillment.

        Ranger, last years (2013) NaNo novel was a bit shorter than the other two(it's about 55K), but I really enjoyed wirting the storyline. In a nut shell, Ranger is my version of the Lone Ranger(with several huge spins). It is now published and avalible to you on Createspace and Amazon.  
   I have several other books in progress, co-authored books as well as my own, and will try to post them all on here sometime soon. X)

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